It’s great to hear that Edinburgh Minibus Company offers custom-made arrangements for group needs. When considering coach hire services, having the flexibility to tailor arrangements to specific requirements can be a significant advantage. Here are some aspects to consider or inquire about when making custom arrangements for your group:

1. Group Size: Ensure that the coach company can accommodate your group size comfortably. Different vehicles may be available to suit varying group sizes, so inquire about options that best fit your needs.

2. Itinerary and Schedule: Discuss your group’s itinerary and schedule. Custom arrangements should include flexibility in terms of pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as the ability to accommodate any specific stops or detours your group may require.

3. Amenities: Check what amenities are available on the 35 Seater Coaches. Depending on the nature of your group and the journey, you may need specific features such as Wi-Fi, air conditioning, restrooms, or entertainment systems.

4. Special Requirements: If your group has any special requirements or preferences, such as accessibility features for individuals with mobility challenges or specific dietary considerations for on-board refreshments, make sure to discuss these with the coach hire company.

5. Driver Expertise: Inquire about the qualifications and experience of the drivers. It’s important to have a skilled and experienced driver who is familiar with the routes and can ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

6. Cost and Payment Options: Clearly understand the cost structure for the custom arrangements. Ask about any additional charges for specific requests or changes. Additionally, discuss payment terms and methods.

7. Insurance and Safety: Confirm that the coach hire company has adequate insurance coverage and maintains high safety standards. This is crucial for the well-being of your group during the journey.

8. Cancellation and Refund Policies: Be aware of the cancellation and refund policies in case your plans change. Understand the terms and conditions related to cancellations, rescheduling, or any unforeseen circumstances.

By discussing these factors with the coach hire company, you can ensure that the arrangements are tailored to your group’s needs and that the journey is both enjoyable and efficient.