Are you looking for a top-notch washing machine that won’t let you down? The Fisher Paykel Agitator NZ is the perfect solution for all your laundry needs. This top of the line washing machine offers a range of unbeatable benefits, making it the best agitator on the market. From its superior cleaning power to its energy-saving design, the Fisher Paykel Agitator is the ideal choice for any laundry room. Read on to find out why the Fisher Paykel Agitator is the best.

The Fisher Paykel agitator is gentle on clothes

The agitator is designed to ensure that your clothes remain undamaged during the wash cycle. It is a unique washing machine feature that gently moves your garments around in the drum as it washes them. This creates an incredibly gentle action that prevents any damage to your clothing items. The soft start feature also helps to protect delicate fabrics such as silk and lace, ensuring that they come out of the wash looking good as new.
The agitator also has a special wave-like motion which helps to move the fabric more efficiently without causing any abrasion. This wave-like action is gentler than other washing machines and prevents garments from becoming tangled in the agitator during the wash cycle. With this innovative technology, you can be sure that your clothes come out looking perfect every time.

The agitator removes more water from clothes

The Fisher Paykel agitator has been specifically designed to deliver superior cleaning results with minimum wear and tear on your clothing. This is thanks to the advanced design of its center spindle and unique “Dolphin” drum that produce more powerful wash action. The powerful yet gentle wash action of the agitator lifts and suspends dirt and soils, while simultaneously removing more water from clothes during each cycle, allowing you to save time and energy on drying. Furthermore, the center spindle rotates in both directions to maximize wash action, as well as minimize fabric damage by reducing the amount of friction against clothes. This makes the agitator more effective at removing more water from clothes than many other washers on the market.